2006 AGM – Minutes, Licensing Ministers Letter, Committe Report

2006 AGM – Minutes

Licensing Ministers Letter

Committe Report

Commercial Shark Tagging Project

Dear Lloyd and members of the NTGFIA,

I would like to ask a favour. Would it be possible for you to forward this email and attachments to all you members of the NTGFIA. I would like to raise awareness of the commercial tagging project, that there are a large number of tagged sharks out there and what to do if someone catches one. A small reward is being offered for information (see attached flyer) and we are encouraging fishers to release the sharks alive if possible.

One of the reasons for writing to you is that we have now tagged around 820 sharks around the coast of the NT and the probability of captures in increasing. In fact we had our first recapture from a non-commercial fisher on the weekend. The recapture was onboard an Arafura Blue Water Charter last Sunday. If any of your members would like paper copies of the flyers or recapture sheet I will be happy to provide them.

If you or anyone from you association would like more information on the project I will be happy to answer any questions or people can visit the projects website at the following web address:


Many thanks for your support,


Dr Iain Field
CDU / AIMS Research Fellow
Shark Tagging and Population Modelling Project
School for Environmental Research
Charles Darwin University
Darwin, NT, 0909

Tel: (08) 8920 9230
Fax: (08) 8920 9222
Email: iain.field@cdu.edu.au