FTO Discussion Paper

Dear FTO,

You should by now have received from the Executive Director of Fisheries a copy of an Issues Paper which discusses future management and development options for the NT Guided Fishing Industry. If you have not, you will find a copy of the document posted on the NTGFIA website: www.ntgfia.com.au.

Most of the issues listed in the paper were raised by the NTGFIA during the course of ongoing discussions with Government over the past three years. The object of those discussions was the creation of an administrative and regulatory environment for the FTO Fishery, which would maximize business opportunities and profitably while ensuring the long term sustainability of the resource.

The Association is committed to the view that the best way to achieve these objectives and to promote resource stewardship and best practice skills is the implementation of a mutually acceptable Management Plan.

Your opinion on the various issues raised in the paper is an important part of this process. Accordingly I urge you complete the questionnaire and return it to the Fisheries Division either by mail or email by the due date. Note that there is also an online completion option.

To assist you in answering each question the Association has developed a position paper which is attached hereto. In most cases a simple yes or no answer is all that is required. However if you wish to elaborate on an issue or express a different opinion to that adopted by the Association you are entirely at liberty to do so.

Once again I urge you to complete the questionnaire and forward it to Fisheries by the due date. The level of industry support for a new and improved management regime will be judged by the number of FTO responses received.

Graeme Williams

14 August 2009

Associations Position paper

FTO Discussion Paper