The Drift Newsletter April 2010

The Drift

Official Newsletter
NT Guided Fishing Industry Association

The Association has sent all FTO’S our membership application, there is a stamped addressed envelope enclosed to return the Form and details on payment options

The NTGFIA Steering committee is now in its fourth month in preparing all issues raised in the 2009 White paper.
The implementation of these responses will be progressive, the NTGFIA presence on the steering committee is there to ensure that our position as Fishing tour Operators is not compromised, you need to be advised of these as and when they occur.

For this to happen you should take time to provide details on the membership form, if you are not a current member we urge you to fill out the Membership application ASAP.

Please ensure that your details are current and include phone numbers and email addresses, some issues will need canvassing, some issues raised for implementing will impact on your future business, therefore it is extremely important that you can be contacted.

Additional information about the government White Paper and membership forms can be downloaded from this web site

The committee has two new members Shaun Uden and Steve Compain they Join President Rob Marchant, Vice President Greg Trouchet and secretary Darren Nickels.

Cheers Graeme Williams
Executive Officer