AGM 2013

The Northern Territory Guided Fishing Industry AGM will be held 7 p.m. at the Nightcliff Sports Club on Wednesday the 13th of November All Members and Non members are welcome

With Fisheries comment paper due to close on the 15th of November we are requesting a representative from fisheries to come and explain the reasons behind such things as the proposed closures and new Personal Possession Limits.

David Taylor a representative from the Australian Insurance Council will be there to outline changes to the Employee/Sub contract Guide relationship recently introduced.

Sri Srinivas will answer questions about the changes happening with the first 12 months of AMSA

All positions on the NTGFIA Committee become vacant,if you wish to nominate or endorse someone else for any position please email me with the details,each nomination needs a seconder and nominations can be raised up until the AGM.

Memberships are now due and forms will be available on the night , you can also access the NTGFIA web site and fill out the application there,the Membership fee for 2014 is $50.00

On the Agenda will be updates on all relevant issues affecting our operations including progress on the Finniss River and Tiwi Island Closures.

The President Greg Murdock will outline the NTGFIA position on the current comment paper.

If you wish to raise any other item please email to

Graeme Williams Executive NTGFIA

NTGFIA position on the Fisheries Discussion Paper

The Dept of Primary Industry and Fisheries have released a paper for comment,these comments are sought for proposals that revolve around Area Closures and Bag limit adjustments to managed species .This paper is on the Fisheries website

It is very important you commit the time to submit their online questionnaire before mid November.

There are 90 Licences for FTO’S current,on the previous discussion paper into our industry, due to be implemented in the New Year,a total of 13 submissions were received,not all were Guides.

If you do not agree with the Governments proposals then the only way is to have your say,otherwise they will do what they propose.

We have provided the NTGFIA position on the questions Read more

NT Fisheries Consultaion Paper

From Fisheries web site:-

Protecting our Reef Fish and the quality of our recreational fishery

A recent analysis of all scientific evidence concerning key reef fish identified black jewfish and golden snapper at high risk of depletion due to increasing fishing.  This second consultation paper has been developed by DPIF following consultation with the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee (RFAC). The release of the paper is to facilitate involvement of the public and to seek input to the development of the best package of management options for the recreational fishing sector. It assesses issues and explores a range of management tools before proposing new controls, primarily for a range of reef fish species. At the same time it is appropriate to also identify and consider controls for other species to ensure the quality of fishing is maintained or enhanced into the future.

Submissions are invited on the issues raised in this discussion paper. All submissions will be collated and presented to the Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries for consideration.

View consultation paper and have your say