Letter to FTO’s

To All Fishing Tour Operator’s                                                                 28th June 2016


The requirement by the Australian maritime Safety Authority for Surveyed and non-surveyed DCV’s to display identification is imminent.

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Guide License and Fishing Returns

Charter Guide License.


The Association has been advised that the implementing of this system Read more

Grandfathered arrangements for ‘existing vessels’

As discussed the grandfathered arrangements for ‘existing vessels’ (those operating legally in the two years before 1 July 2013) continue in the same manner as it did prior to the commencement of the National Law. Read more

AMSA accredited marine surveyor

Advice received from Geoff Brown who many members would know as a former FTO and Skipper of the Tipperary Adventurer and MV Cannon


>> HI Graeme,
>> For your & your members information
>> I am now an AMSA accredited marine surveyor able to undertake all Read more

Newsletter Nov

To all Members, Fishing Tour operators


In our previous  correspondence the NTGFIA highlighted the impending changes to the operating conditions for FTO’s,we have been advised by DPIF Executives that the Charter and guide licence to be introduced in January the 1st is now extended to the 1st of July. Read more

Australian Builder’s Plates

You may be aware of amendments to the regulations affecting recreational boating which will commence on 7 October 2015 (this Wednesday). This latest amendment will introduce the mandatory fixing of Australian Builder’s Plates to newly sold pleasure craft in the Northern Territory. More information on the topic can be found in the attached pdf document.


Any queries should be directed to Marine Safety Branch.


Kind regards,

Marine Safety Branch
Department of Transport
p… (08) 8924 7100 | f… (08) 8924 7009
e… marinesafety@nt.gov.au
Level 2, Energy House, Cavenagh Street, Darwin
GPO Box 2520, Darwin NT 0801

Marking of navigation hazards on rivers and waterways.

Dear Members,

The Marine Safety Branch of the Department of Transport has approached AFANT to help with identifying and prioritising the marking of navigation hazards on rivers and waterways.

Once a navigation hazard is identified the Marine Safety Branch conduct a risk management study  and if it is deemed to be an unacceptable navigational risk they take action i.e. facilitate the installation of appropriate markers. Some examples where this has already done are the  McArthur River, Victoria River, Mule Creek, and Dundee,

If you know of a navigation hazard you believe requires marking could you please send the location with GPS coordinates to AFANT at research@afant.com.au




Tristan Sloan

Executive Officer

Amateur Fishermen’s Association NT

Office   — 08 8945 6455

Mobile  — 0415 471 600

AFANT’s mission is to represent recreational fishing in the NT and to ensure the quality of our sport.

FTO Licenses Changes

notice to FTOs licensing changes 10 Aug 2015

Domestic Vessel e-News – July 2015

Reminder: Le isure craft and non-survey vessels open for public consultation until 31 July Read more

Fishing Tour Operator vessels etc.

EX4 – Recreational use exemption – note that for vessels under 12 metres you do not need to apply, however you do need to meet the conditions in section 4 (2)


EX38 – Low complexity duties – This is the exemption that will eventually be replaced by the Coxswain 3. You will need to ensure that the duties that can be performed under the exemption meet your needs


Safety Management Systems – Information on safety management systems including some examples


Non Surveyed Vessels – Information on both survey and non-survey vessels. Having reviewed this information I believe that a new vessel would need to be in survey because they carry passengers.

2015 AGM Minutes

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Instructions electronic FTO log form


Dear licence holder


A letter was posted to Northern Territory fishing tour operators (FTOs) on 16 June 2014 providing a web link to enable the submission of electronic log returns. FTOs are asked to disregard the web link provided in previous correspondence Read more

Newsletter | FTO Changes

To all Fishing Tour Operators

The Minister’s recent announcement of changes to Commercial Reef Fishing, Fishing Tour Operator’s and general Recreational Anglers is available on our web site the one that is relevant to proposed FTO changes is attached. Read more

Fisheries Changes

DPIF are aiming to implement by Mid April

DPIF Tour Op Fact Sheet-print

DPIF Changes Fact Sheet-print

DPIF Commercial Fact Sheet-print

DPIF Reef Fish Fact Sheet-print

Quail Island Project

All Fishing Tour Operators

Please note that this closure recommences on the 12 of May 2014 to mid December 2014

If Fisheries proposed closure of Lorna Shoals is implemented coupled with this ongoing Ordinance Mitigation you can see what a massive closure they will have during our season,this would mean one of the biggest no go zones for any sort of fishing in the NT.

Quail Island Project


Cheers Graeme

Executive NTGFIA

To All Fishing Tour Operators

To All Fishing Tour Operators




Please see attached correspondence from DPIF Fisheries division regarding the new E/Log system of reporting.  Read more

AMSA Rules & Regulations

All Fishing Tour Operators.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority .AMSA. rules and regulations came into effect on the 1st of July 2013.

Key Issues were the introduction of an Operators Certificate

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Ichthys Project Community Bulletin # 81.

Community Bulletin#81

Ichthys Project Community Bulletin #80

Download here >>>> Community Bulletin#80

2103 AGM Minutes


The 2013 AGM minutes can be downloaded at the following link Read more